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Team Member detail

Bijumon George

Location: Corporate Office - Vadodara

Having overall 21 Years of experience in IT – GMP, Computer System Validations, IT Infra , Manufacturing IT and Projects Management Area.

He is currently working as IT GMP Operations Team Leader responsible for IT GMP operations, IT Data Security / IT compliance of all GxP systems across Alembic Locations.

Major Ownership and responsibilities are - IT GMP Operations ( Management of GxP Systems – Quality and Manufacturing ) , IT Infra qualifications , Success Factor Learning Management System – LMS implementation and support, Computer System Validations at all Research Centers, Validation and Compliance of SAP system , Validation and compliance of all IT Projects for Plants like WMS , SAP PM etc.
IT Audits ( internal as well facing for external auditors like USFDA ) , Key role in defining IT Standard Operating Procedures - SOPs and IT Policies, Training of IT Team.

Key responsibilities

  • Team Lead for IT GMP activities across Alembic locations.
  • Responsible for IT Infra qualifications.
  • To ensure IT Data Security and IT compliance of all GxP systems
  • Responsible for SAP Success Factor LMS (Learning Management System ) implementation and support across Alembic locations.
  • Responsible for IT QMS activities
  • Responsible for Computer System Validations of research centres.
  • Validation and compliance of SAP System
  • Validation and compliance of new IT Projects.
  • Responsible for IT SOP’s
  • Responsible for IT GMP Digitization projects.