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Team Member detail

Mishal Shah
Dy. Manager

Location: Corporate Office - Vadodara

Key responsibilities

  • Responsible for configuring, mainitaining, supporting and optimizing all new and existing hardware and infrastructure related to Servers/Storages.
  • Responsible for implement and maintain policies, procedures for servers administration.
  • Responsible to support Administrative Privileges across Backup Devices.
  • To plan, acquire and coordinate installation of in-house and remote hardware and software across the organization.
  • To access and manage administrative rights for all IT Hardwares Servers/Storages.
  • Maintinan Alembic Data center performance/uptime and availability across the locations.
  • To manage and ensure effectiveness of servers, including Active Directory, SAP, Oracle, Databases, Antivirus and their associated Operating system and Softwares upgrade.
  • To perform continues monitoring for system based automated alerts and review of Server operations and Maintenance for the maximum uptime.
  • To provide support for Trouble shootings of Servers and IT Infrastructure with the help of internal or external support.
  • To provide the guidance and training to the junior team members, to maintain infrastructure setup.
  • Provide the support for installation or Updating of IT Infrastructure across the locations.
  • Responsible for Backup Administration and co-ordination across all locations.
  • Responsible to maintain the Records for Backup Data.
  • Responsible for SAP Basis related activity.
  • To maintain the List of active SAP Users across Location.
  • Monitoring and management of email landscape across alembic group companies